Canine Dental Wellness will use professional dental instruments to hand scale and polish your dog’s teeth.  The cleaning takes approximately 1 hour, and is very similar to a teeth cleaning performed by a dental hygienist for humans.

We are a mobile company, so we can perform the cleaning in the comfort of your own home!

*We do not use any mechanical tools, are always Anesthesia and Sedation Free!




At a host clinic : $179 + GST

At home visits: $189 + GST

(+ $50 for home visits in Chilliwack, Mission, Abbotsford, Whistler & Squamish or more than 25 km from Port Moody)

Ask us about our group rates!

*Prices are subject to change


Let’s Party!

 Gather a few of your doggy friends and let’s party!

Host a teeth cleaning day at your home/space and we will give you (the host) a 5% discount for each dog whose teeth are cleaned by us at the party!



How is the procedure done?

Before we begin any cleaning, we will assess your dog’s mouth for loose/fractured/missing teeth, and general overall oral health.  Also, we will need a medical history of your dog to ensure that they are a good candidate for this type of cleaning.

Your dog will be laid on his/her back in our lap, and may be wrapped in a towel to make them feel more secure.  We will then use dental instruments to remove any tartar and plaque on all sides of their teeth, then finish by using prophy paste to polish your dog’s teeth.

When you pick up your dog, you will be given a report card so you can understand and discuss with your veterinarian any concerns that we might have found in your dog’s mouth.

If we are unable to perform the cleaning on your dog for any reason, there will be no charge and any deposits paid will be refunded.

Please be assured that we will stop the cleaning if we feel that your dog is under stress, and if we find any oral health issues that need to be assessed by a veterinarian before we can perform a cleaning.


(Vancouver & Tri Cities) 604-283-1386                   (Chilliwack & Beyond) 604-426-0278